English Edition

Wordless Wishes

Wycliff Novels (2016)


Wordless Wishes Cover

Sometimes our real destination is hidden behind a bend in the road. Kitty Kittrick’s prospects look dim when she has to leave high school early because of a reading stress disorder. When Bonny Meadows from the declining Flower Bower in the quaint Victorian town of Wycliff on South Puget Sound employs her, Kitty senses that there might be more languages to learn than letters can spell.

A real challenge is put to her when Bonny suffers a stroke. While Kitty is trying to turn the rudder of the Flower Bower around, she finds her heart entangled in conflict. Should she simply give up business and entrust her future to the charming and romantic lawyer Trevor Jones? Or does the quiet farmer Eli Hayes, with his mute little daughter, Holly, find a way to her heart?


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