English Edition

Delicate Dreams

Wycliff Novels (2015)


Delicate Dreams Cover

Take your niche and make it your asset! This is exactly what recently widowed Dottie Dolan does as she faces the challenge to create a new life for herself.

Still new to the quaint Victorian town of Wycliff on South Puget Sound, she opens up a German deli on Main Street. While sharing her specialties with her customers, Dottie always has an open ear for their concerns and a helping hand when it comes to events. As her deli business is slowly thriving, Dottie finds herself in the emotional conflict between grieving for her late husband and falling in love again. And then the fund for the town’s annual Victorian Christmas gets embezzled.

The entire event is about to be canceled, leaving smaller stores in Wycliff, such as the deli, destitute.

Will Dottie stay on top of this difficult situation? Can she save her deli and Victorian Christmas? And will her heart make the right decision?


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